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Adobe Photoshop: Complete Beginners Course (2024)

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📚 Discover Basic to Advanced Photoshop Techniques, Embracing Essential Image Editing Skills and Creative Design Strategies

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Adobe Photoshop: From Basic to Advanced

Master Photoshop from basics to advanced editing in a 7.5-hour comprehensive tutorial.


Taught by

Esteemed Professionals

Learn from a Photoshop expert with years of experience in creative techniques and features.


Wide Range of Learning Materials

Access a vast library including videos, workshops, and exercises to enhance your Photoshop skills in 7.5 hours.


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Boost your creative skills with our all-encompassing course designed for aspiring designers. Covering everything from Photoshop’s basic tools to complex editing techniques, embark on a journey that will transform your ability to create stunning visuals, all for the exceptional price of just $29.99.

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Course Highlights

In the swiftly evolving digital world, mastering Adobe Photoshop is essential for anyone aiming to excel in graphic design, photography, or digital art. Adobe Photoshop goes beyond simple photo editing; it's a tool that enhances creativity, transforms visions into reality, and solves complex design challenges. This course is specifically designed to equip you with comprehensive Photoshop skills, focusing on foundational knowledge, advanced editing techniques, and creative application.

What You Will Learn -

Fundamental Adobe Photoshop concepts and how to navigate the interface with confidence.

Techniques for photo editing and retouching to enhance visual storytelling and improve the quality of images.

The art of composing images, utilizing layers and masks for complex edits and creative compositions.

Strategies to incorporate color theory, text, and effects in your designs, elevating the aesthetic and communicative value of your work.

Best practices in file management and efficient workflow to optimize your design process and productivity.

Advanced Photoshop tools for specialized tasks like digital painting, 3D modeling, and animation, broadening your creative skill set.

Insights into professional applications of Photoshop across various fields, including graphic design, web design, and photography.

Preparation for the challenges and opportunities in the digital art world, keeping you at the forefront of the creative industry.

Key Highlights -

Learn from Top Faculty & Industry Practitioners

Dedicated Learning Management Team

Lifetime Access and Future Updates

Get Certified by Programming Hub

Designed for Students, Working Professionals and Freshers

Course Faculty

Minesh Wadhwa

Founder at Hype.Pvt Ltd

Minesh Wadhwa boasts over nine years of substantial experience in product management and marketing, complemented by a notable twelve-year background in design. As a seasoned professional, he excels at the critical intersection of creativity and strategy, and is recognized for his influential roles in leading organizations such as Byju's and HealthQ Rehab. Through these roles, Minesh has refined his skills in promoting growth and spearheading innovation. As the founder of the marketing consultancy Hype, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial flair, orchestrating the development and implementation of powerful campaigns and strategic endeavors.

Course Modules

10 Sections | 58 Lessons | 7+ Hours

  Introduction to Photoshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Fundamentals Of Photoshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Kickstarting Your Journey: Selections and Masks in Photoshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Getting Started: Image Handling and Manipulation in Photoshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Text and Graphics A Complete Guide
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mastering Image Editing Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Elevating Your Images: Mastering Retouching and Enhancement Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Creating Stunning Visuals: A Guide to Advanced Effects and Filters in Photoshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Exporting and Printing
Available in days
days after you enroll

Course Certificate

Earn an Adobe Photoshop Mastery Certification

Enhance your professional presence by showcasing your newest accomplishment across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and within professional design communities. Emphasize the value and the skills acquired from the in-depth Adobe Photoshop: Complete Beginners Course (2024) to broaden your career prospects, demonstrating your dedication to continuous learning and growth in the evolving field of digital design.

Who Can Enroll for the Course?

This all-encompassing Adobe Photoshop: Complete Beginners Course (2024) is carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of learners, supporting both novices embarking on their creative journey and seasoned professionals looking to elevate their design capabilities. Whether you're:

Aspiring Designers

Kickstart your digital arts voyage with core Photoshop skills and creative composition fundamentals.


Creative Professionals

Elevate your design or digital art skills with advanced Photoshop techniques for higher creativity and efficiency.


Career Shifters

Transition into creative roles by mastering Photoshop, opening vast opportunities in design and content.

Past Participant Profile

Top Learner Background & Industries

Student: School Kids

Student: College Graduates 

Student: Post-Graduates

Information Technology / Services

Internet / E-commerce

Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology / Healthcare



Career Roles and Fields for Adobe Photoshop Experts

Graphic Designer: Utilize Photoshop’s comprehensive toolset to create visually captivating designs, manipulating images and typography to produce work for digital and print media, ensuring brands communicate their message powerfully.

Photographer & Photo Editor: Master Photoshop to enhance photo quality, from basic adjustments to advanced retouching, crafting narratives through imagery that captivates viewers and tells compelling stories.

Digital Artist: Employ Photoshop’s versatile capabilities to create intricate digital paintings and illustrations, bringing fantastical visions to life and pushing the boundaries of creativity and visual storytelling.

UI/UX Designer: Apply Photoshop skills to design intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for websites and apps, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that aligns with usability best practices.

Web Designer: Leverage Photoshop to create website layouts and design elements, translating vision and brand identity into engaging online experiences that captivate and inform visitors.

Marketing & Brand Manager: Use Photoshop to develop compelling visual content for marketing campaigns, enhancing brand recognition and conveying strategic messages through visual storytelling.

Social Media Specialist: Craft engaging social media content with Photoshop, from posts and stories to ads, capitalizing on visual appeal to drive engagement and grow social media presence.

Content Creator: Utilize Photoshop’s editing and composition tools to produce high-quality visuals for blogs, YouTube videos, and online courses, attracting and retaining a dedicated audience.

Visual Effects Artist: Harness Photoshop to create stunning visual effects for film, television, and online platforms, enhancing storytelling with imaginative and technically complex visuals.

Fashion Designer: Apply Photoshop to design and visualize apparel, experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures to bring clothing concepts to life before they are physically produced.

Architectural Visualizer: Use Photoshop to enhance architectural renderings and presentations, adding textures, people, and environmental elements to communicate design concepts vividly.

Our Alumni Work At

From the Academy Community

Sofia Patel (India) 


"I cannot begin to describe how transformative this Adobe Photoshop: Complete Beginners Course has been for me! The sequence of modules was impeccably organized, and the interactive tutorials genuinely solidified my understanding of complex editing techniques. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their Photoshop skills from the ground up."

Liam O'Connor (Ireland)  


"Having explored various Photoshop tutorials, this course genuinely stands above the rest. The explanations were crystal clear, and the hands-on projects brought the software’s capabilities to vibrant life. This course made mastering Photoshop not just a possibility but an exciting journey. An absolute must for anyone venturing into digital arts!"

Chloe Zhang (Australia)  


"The meticulously structured format of this Photoshop course made conquering complex design tasks seem surprisingly straightforward. The guidance provided by the instructor was second to none, and I now feel more confident in my photo editing and creative design abilities, especially in leveraging advanced tools and techniques for visual storytelling. Big thumbs up!"

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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Will I get lifetime access to the courses?

Yes, you'll receive lifetime access to all purchased courses on Academy by Programming Hub. This means you can revisit the material and learn at your own pace, forever! Also, you will receive timely updates about course updates.

How is PH Academy different from Pro Access of the Programming Hub App?

Programming Hub has long been celebrated for its comprehensive coding tutorials accessible through our mobile app with the PRO subscription. However, we’re taking a giant leap forward with our newest offering, Academy by Programming Hub. In contrast to the bite-sized tutorials in the app, Academy offers video courses led by industry experts, designed for an immersive learning experience to scratch to advanced levels.

These in-depth courses are tailored to make learners job-ready, featuring real-world projects, dedicated support, and official certifications. Academy is your bridge to mastering tech skills and securing your dream job in the industry.

Can I download the video lessons?

You'll be able to download supplemental resources like code snippets, templates, and cheat sheets. However, the video lectures can only be streamed.

Do the courses offer any certifications?

Ans: All courses offer certificates of completion upon finishing the course and passing any required assessments. Check the individual course description for details.

Why is learning with “PH Academy” special?

Ans: Along with industry experts, we have crafted a perfect path to learn programming, marketing, design, and more. You will not only acquire new skills but also enjoy the process like a game. It's easy, it's fast, and it's fun!

Learning a new skill is often considered difficult and boring. But not anymore; we have made learning a new skill fun and interactive so that people enjoy the process.

What is the refund policy for this program?

Ans: Yes, our course comes with a no-questions-asked 7-day refund policy. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund within 7 days of purchase. We aim to create a risk-free environment for you to explore and learn.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Ans: No, there are no prerequisites for this course. It is designed to be beginner-friendly, welcoming students of all backgrounds. Our approach ensures everyone can start from the basics and progressively build up their knowledge. All you need is an eagerness to learn. Welcome aboard!

What is the mode of the program? Are there live sessions in the program?

Ans: The course is structured around pre-recorded lectures. This enables students to learn at their own pace, access the content at any time, and revisit the material as needed for deeper understanding or review.

While the core content of our program is delivered through recorded lectures, enrolled students may have the opportunity to participate in live sessions. These live sessions are offered as a bonus and are not mandatory parts of the curriculum. Invitations to these live sessions are extended to enrolled students as and when they are scheduled.